What's our mission?

In an era in which the production of solar energy has been increasing at an accelerated pace, with a tendency towards the construction of plants of hundreds of megawatts with different technologies involved, there is a need to create a solution that allows the management of the plants, with predictive functionalities, allowing a proactive maintenance, through intelligent prevention of failures in photovoltaic modules.

The SMART-PV solution aims to develop a photovoltaic asset management platform, using predictive algorithms based on machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, which allows optimizing the Operation, Preventive Maintenance and Technical Assistance processes, particularly in large photovoltaic plants. Thus, in order to achieve the outlined results, the following R&D objectives were defined for this project:


Creation of a database with information from a large plant


Implementation of advanced techniques for generating PV modules degradation indicators


Implementation of intelligent algorithms (machine learning, for production forecasting with an error of less than 5%)


Integration of the new solutions in a platform for the operation and maintenance of solar assets that allows increasing the profitability of these solar assets by around 10%



Smart-PV video

08 Jul. 2022