SMART-PV is the result of a co-promotion between dst solar, a company with extensive experience in planning, management and commissioning of photovoltaic solar assets, and the lead promoter of the project, and three SCTN entities with relevant competence in monitoring the performance of solar assets through field tests and measurements (IEP), in the identification and characterization of solar cell degradation mechanisms and in advanced image recognition techniques (INL) and in intelligent algorithms using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, applied to the management of energy assets (INESC TEC).


dstsolar cor

dstsolar is a company specialized in providing engineering services in the field of solar energy production, to which it associates the management of photovoltaic assets. Over the last decade it has become one of the largest companies in the sector, with the installation of more than 500 renewable energy production units. dstsolar seeks to promote economic development associated with the clean energy sectors by supporting multidisciplinary and technology-based projects in the photovoltaic and sustainability sectors. It provides technological services to solar energy production operations, collaborating with solar parks in optimization, demonstration and commercialization offers in the full range of solar technologies, and to investors with “ready-to-invest” projects.


André Marques


Carlos SIlva

Production Director

Ana Sá

Responsible for O&M and service

Mauro Costa

Project Manager - Innovation

Ângelo Miranda

Software Developer


INL logo

The INL is an intergovernmental organization created to foster interdisciplinary research in the areas of Nanotechnology and Nanoscience. It is a research laboratory that seeks to distinguish itself by its focus on transforming intensive knowledge for the benefit of society. The continuous involvement with European Union institutions and international research organizations has been the pillar of INL's performance, and at the national level the INL also intends to act as a hub of innovation in nanotechnology, stimulating the transfer of technology and knowledge and position the region as one of the most competitive in nanotechnology. The main lines of research at the INL focus on energy, nanoelectronics, nanomedicine, food safety and nanostructure synthesis. The Nanofabrication for optoelectronic applications (NOA) group develops work in several areas using advanced techniques for failure analysis of solar modules.


Pedro Salomé

PhD - Research Group Leader

Paulo Fernandes

Associate Researcher

Jennifer Teixeira


Daniel Rocha


João Alves


Vítor Lopes




The IEP is a private entity, founded in 1981, recognized in the market as a technological infrastructure based on innovation, competence and quality. Throughout its activity, the IEP has been providing the market with integrated solutions in the fields of inspection, auditing, testing, calibration, Oil and Gas, Environment, Transport, Industry, Health and Services. Supported by highly qualified and experienced teams, ensuring national coverage, the IEP has leveraged the performance of its customers, contributing to increasing the quality and competitiveness of its products, reducing the risks associated with its activities and innovating its products. Since its foundation, the IEP has developed continuous and permanent activities of applied R&D and experimental development, vertically and directed to companies in the electronics sector, as an adjunct in the processes of applied R&D and technology development (TRL 4 to 8).


Modesto Morais

Manager of the IEP Research Center

Vasco Nogueira

Head of the Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewables

Miguel Lopes

Mechanical Engineer Specialist in Energy and Embedded Systems for Remote Inspection of Photovoltaic Panels


INESC TEC is an Associated Laboratory, a private non-profit association, declared of public utility, having as associates the University of Porto, INESC and the Polytechnic Institute of Porto. With headquarters in Porto and centers in Braga and Vila Real, INESC TEC comprises 12 R&D Centers and 1 associated Unit with complementary skills and geared towards the international market. At INESC TEC, the knowledge and results generated in fundamental research are typically applied in technology transfer projects, ensuring added and immediate social relevance. Its activity is aimed at Scientific Research and Technological Development, but also Consultancy and Advanced Training, as well as Technology Transfer and the Launch of New Technologically Based Companies, in the following areas of work: Telecommunications and Multimedia; Energy Systems; Business Systems; Information Systems and Computer Graphics; Applied Photonics; Robotics and Intelligent Systems; Biomedical engineering; Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship; Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Decision Support; Advanced Computer Systems; Engineering and industrial management; Trusted Software Systems; Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems.


Luís Guimarães

Senior Researcher

Armando Leitão

Senior Researcher

Flávia Barbosa

Senior Researcher

Felipe Yamada

PhD Student